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White Shark Media – Fastest Complaint Resolution Process in the Marketing Business

White Shark Media is a prosperous Digital Marketing Agency that offers online marketing solutions that are specifically focused on the small and medium size businesses. White Shark Media is a fast growing company in the online marketing world and has placed their growth efforts on smart cost effective marketing campaigns. They strive to provide excellent [Continue]

All About Investment Banking

Investment banking is a financial service that aims at assisting companies get funds and grow their portfolios. This service comes in the form of bonds transfer and stocks, wholesale corporate acquisitions and investment capital are also part of investment banking equation. Bankers in this field are highly trained and widely recognized as one of the [Continue]

Miracle Amongst Earthquake Debris

Just days after the ghastly earthquake struck in Kathmandu, Nepal, rescuers have discovered a miracle. Amongst the rubble rescuers found both a man and a baby boy. The most shocking part for many like Jaime Garcia Dias; they were both still alive.   The man himself was pulled from the debris nearly three days after [Continue]

Obama Finds Use of Drones In Climate Change Question

While the Obama administration has come under an intense amount of scrutiny for its military application of drones to conduct air strikes, the President may have found a peaceful use of the new technology that is cluttering the skies. The President is proposing that drones be used to assist in the modeling of climate conditions [Continue]