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UCLA Develops New Solar Power Technology

Renewable energy has been a buzzed about topic for years. With solar power being one of the primary pursuits of companies around the world, the ability to capture, transform, and retain energy from the sun has a lot of importance. One important challenge facing solar power is the tendency of solar panels to only retain [Continue]

Solar Energy Adoption Is Making Great Strides

Renewable energy is making great strides forward. Solar energy has advanced tremendously over the years and is now so affordable that it has beaten new coal installations to provide power for two years in a row now. It has also badly beaten wind and has become the renewable power source of choice. Solar has accounted [Continue]

Study Finds Solar Power Financially Viable

One of the biggest complaints about solar power generally has to do with the cost of the necessary equipment to harness it. While the generation is pretty much free, as long as the sun remains in the sky, all those panels, batteries, and converters require a substantial investment. That investment was generally offset by grants [Continue]