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Eric Pulier & His Passion For Technology

Living in today’s contemporary world has it’s benefits when being compared to eras of the past. This is known as the “Digital Age” as advanced technology dominates the scene. Some of the most basic things or activities are made possible by technology and it’s one of the popular fields in the world. Many individuals have [Continue]

The Many Accomplishments of Eric Pulier

Many of today’s advanced technological features and ideas started out as ideas or concepts. The very devices, products, and services people use today started in the minds of many intelligent individuals. Those the people may not receive the credit that’s long overdue, they continue to push the boundaries with their brilliant way of thinking. Eric [Continue]

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

  Talk Fusion, who is a global leader of video marketing solutions, has launched a 30 day free trial, which has been highly anticipated, the trail is over 140 countries and is in nine different languages. This trial allows for prospective customers from all over the world to try the all-in-one video marketing solution that [Continue]

Technology is the Future

With so many updates in technology, the future has then potential to be something incredible. However, with limited earth resources, using sustainable energy is becoming an increasingly important mission. Within the United States, a few engineers have created a plan that would eventually make all of the states converted to 100% clean energy no later [Continue]

Amazon rumored to be introducing live video to services

Amazon has recently been pushing the possibilities of its service to customers who take advantage of its Prime membership service to receive deals on products and shipping, plus movies and TV shows streamed to devices for no extra charge to its $99 annual membership fee. USA Today believes the world’s largest Online retailer will soon [Continue]

The Death Of Privacy

  The privacy of your own home was once a real concept. But with today’s technology it is becoming more and more of a relic. Samsung is in the news again following their disclosure that their new voice recognition feature on their smart TV’s will transmit all recorded audio to a third party for deciphering. [Continue]

Facebook Lies About New Tracking Policy

  It was announced this week that Facebook plans to implement its new tracking policy, which is part of a privacy policy update that users automatically approved when they accessed the site in November 2014, very soon. The privacy and tracking policy is reportedly designed to help Facebook tailor ads better to individual users by [Continue]