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Lack of Water

Flavio Maluf and officials in California have been telling residents to conserve water because there is a shortage. The amount of water left in the state might not be enough to last through a few years. However, there are some who are wondering how severe the drought really is and if the state is simply [Continue]

Sacramento Announces it Met Conservation of Water Goals in 2014

The City of Sacramento, California, an urban center with a population of some 475,000, reported this week that the community’s rigorous water ordinance enforcement measures have worked. Despite the ongoing drought, the community complied with the state-mandated goal of reducing water usage by 20%.  In fact, Sacramento reports the lowest per person use of city water in [Continue]

Amazing Airdrop Sysytem Extracts Water From Thin Air

The Airdrop irrigation system is capable of extracting moisture from earth’s driest climate zones through the physical principle of condensation. Australian designer Edward Linacre has claimed the coveted James Dyson award for his creation, and the device could bring relief to millions of people in drought-ridden areas of the world. North American Spine applauds the [Continue]