Category: Weather

Bill Sets Eyes on Texas

As if Texas hasn’t already seen enough rain, Tropical Storm Bill could bring several more inches to the state. This is a storm that has developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Sam Tabar ( has learned that there isn’t a lot of wind power with the storm, but there is a lot of moisture. This [Continue]

Underwater Volcano

One mile under the ocean there is a volcano erupting, just off the coast of Oregon. “This is the first place in the world where we have a wired volcano on the seafloor,” Bill Chadwick of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory said. Thanks to a set of instruments connected to the shore by fiber optic [Continue]

Miracle Amongst Earthquake Debris

Just days after the ghastly earthquake struck in Kathmandu, Nepal, rescuers have discovered a miracle. Amongst the rubble rescuers found both a man and a baby boy. The most shocking part for many like Jaime Garcia Dias; they were both still alive.   The man himself was pulled from the debris nearly three days after [Continue]

Lack of Water

Flavio Maluf and officials in California have been telling residents to conserve water because there is a shortage. The amount of water left in the state might not be enough to last through a few years. However, there are some who are wondering how severe the drought really is and if the state is simply [Continue]

Cold Weather Alert

When the temperatures are cold, most cities open some kind of shelter for the people who are homeless or have nowhere to stay. One man in Louisville was not fortunate enough to be able to enter a shelter in time to stay warm. He was found, ironically, on the steps of the shelter. This man [Continue]