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Use The Right Sources On A Wiki Page

Writing for Wikipedia is not the same thing as writing fiction. Most people know this. What they might not know is the sources they are using, ultimately, leads them to writing fiction. Poor sources that are loaded with inaccurate and false information does not lead to the create of a really good Wiki page. In [Continue]


  WRITING ABOUT YOURSELF IS NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU THE PROPER PLATFORM Do you feel the need to write about yourself to gain an audience? Before you do, know that this is going to be a bag of mixed blessings. It’s okay to include stories about yourself, but you must maintain that neutrality. You [Continue]

Wikipeda Page Guide For Businesses

Wikipedia can be a very successful marketing tool if it is used correctly. However, all marketing techniques must be used carefully because improper advertising methods can lead to a page deletion. To keep a company page on the site, several important steps must be followed.   Benefits Of Making A Company Page On Wikipedia   [Continue]