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Disney Has Anti-Trust Problems with the EU

The Walt Disney Company is going to try a different approach. The usually quiet company has gone public with its intent to battle the European Union over anti-trust complaints. Recently, the entertainment world was shocked by the EU’s out-of-the-blue desire to file anti-trust suits against movie studios and pay TV channels. Movie studios and pay [Continue]

The Dire Outlook of Climate Change

The Environmental Protection Agency, along with President Obama, are warning of the implications of global warming and what the future will look like if not acted upon now. Their predictions are bleak. In a climate change report released Monday, the administration advises that inaction today could cost billions per year and risk the lives of [Continue]

Underwater Volcano

One mile under the ocean there is a volcano erupting, just off the coast of Oregon. “This is the first place in the world where we have a wired volcano on the seafloor,” Bill Chadwick of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory said. Thanks to a set of instruments connected to the shore by fiber optic [Continue]

The NSA May Be Spying on You Using Your Hard Drive

The NSA may have been hiding viruses in the firmware of hard drives. A new report by Kapersky Labs suggests that many hard drives have been sold with malware embedded deep into them, making it exceptionally hard to remove. Effected drive brands include big names such as Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, and Maxtor [Continue]

Foreign Policy and Muslim Extremism

Foreign policy is one of those issues that can sometimes make for strange political bedfellows. While libertarians and those on the political left may not see eye to eye on domestic spending, they both have a similar disdain for America serving as policeman to the world. Senator Bernie Sanders has recently espoused a view that [Continue]

The Impacts of Political Instability on Wildlife Populations

A new study has revealed that political unrest can hurt wildlife as well as governments. Researchers found that populations of large mammals declined after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They analyzed annual population estimates from the Russian Federal Agency of Game Mammal Monitoring database covering the years 1981 – 2010, a period that encompassed the fall [Continue]