Eucatex Providing Eco-Friendly Solutions for a Sustainable Environment

It is only recently that industrialists, and other global environmental bodies have revamped their efforts of mitigating the impact of industrially manufactured products on the environment. Eucatex Inc. has been in operation ever since 1951, a time when there were no stringent regulations on environmental concerns. The company has been relentless in its quest to produce goods aimed at satisfying the needs of the construction industry with a concern for the surrounding.


What Makes Eucatex a Leading Brand?


Ever since its inception, the company has grown to be a renowned producer of flooring materials, for instance; tiles made from the Eucalyptus plant, paints, wall partitions, hardboards, aperture panels and doors. Its exponential growth is mainly owed to their commitment to maintain an eco-friendly approach to its production systems, and good leadership from its President, Mr. Flavio Maluf.


Hatched from Americana Saw Mills, Eucatex Inc. made the absolute resolution to use softwoods in manufacture of products, because cultivating softwood trees was much less involving, for the seedlings mature rather faster than other hardwoods like Mahogany. Eventually, that move eased pressure on the incessant logging that was progressively reducing the Amazon.


The Current Situation


Today, the company boasts of being the No. 1 leader in the production of construction and building supplies in Brazil and the greater South American continent. As a matter of fact, the management initiated a project designed to nurse Eucalyptus seedlings meant for growing within their property. The project’s objective was to create an environmentally sustainable production system.


About Mr. Flavio Maluf


Born in Brazil in 1961 to a political family, Mr. Maluf went to Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation located in Sao Paolo. It was there that he earned an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later joined The University of New York, where he studied Business Administration. He assumed a position in the university as a professor: a position he held for a short term.


The year 1987, marked his successful career as an entrepreneur, for it was then that he was affiliated to Eucatex. He served as an official in the head offices, but later on, he moved to the industrial line of the company. He was eventually elected by the Eucatex Board of Directors as the President in 1997.