Flavio Maluf Is The Brains Behind Eucatex The Brazilian Eucalyptus Tree Success Story

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what he would become after completing his university education from the Fundacao Penteado Foundation University based in Sao Paulo. He pursued a Mechanical Degree and graduated with the highest honors. For this reason, he attained the necessary credentials to join the United States New York University. He went to the United States to undertake a certification in Business Administration. This was part of his preparations to steer the management of the Eucatex Group of Companies. Flavio Maluf joined the company in 1987 and commenced his career by working in the trading section of the company. During that time, the company sales were minimal. However, he worked hard to innovate his business idea to develop the most sophisticated platform for utilization.


Flavio Maluf used the knowledge gained from the University of New York to develop advanced business relations with other companies in the world. For this reason, the Eucatex Group of Companies started exporting most of their products to other parts of the word including the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Flavio Maluf is also considered as an innovative business leader, during that time he was working in that department, he developed another strategy to increase local sales through product management platforms. He also introduced the television interviews aimed at advertising their products to the general masses.


Eucatex Group of companies was developed in 1951. During that time, there were minimal laws set by the government to protect the environment for future use. However, the company decided to protect the environment as the best way to have business strengthened. Flavio Maluf found the company at the worst business state since it was founded. However, he has developed the modern form of management where company employees are answerable to their business leaders. For this reason, everyone is paid according to their achievements.


When Flavio completed three years of work in the company he was promoted to work in the trading department of the business, for this reason, the business grew much stronger in work and capability. Flavio Maluf is considered as the best president who ever led Eucatex Group of Companies.