Honey Birdete The Sensual Brand

Honey Birdete is the lingerie brand that has taken over the market in many regions of the world. The brand is sensual, sexy, and stylish; hence its popularity within the short span in which it has been in the market. The brand is owned by Eloise Monaghan, who is an Australian entrepreneur. Eloise opened the first physical outlet in Brisbane Australia and hoped that it would succeed. His wish came to pass as classy women flocked the shop and bought the first stock within a short span. Eloise was forced to produce more and more leading to more branches in the region. Honey Birdete’s success caused the opening of new branches in Australia as well as other continents such as America and Europe.
Honey Birdete has launched a dedicated U.S. e-commerce site that will help it serve the customers within the locality better. The company has also said that it will change its UK portfolio from the current 3 retail shops to 40 outlets by the end of next year. The U.S market caught the founder’s attention because in the last one year it’s a sale increased by 374%. Consequently, the management felt it needed to come closer to offer faster deliveries and more personalized services than is possible when the market is served from Australia. The incentives available to the U.S. customers include free deliveries for all orders that are above $50. Moreover, the customers will now make faster returns on orders that fail to meet their expectations. There will also be a wider product range for the U.S. based clients.
The prices for the Honey Birdete premium label start at 35 euros for briefs and are slightly higher for bras, which are sold for 60 Euros. BBRC Investment Company backs up Honey Birdete operations, making it easy for the company to operate in the various regions.


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