Lime Crime Delves Into the Depths of the Sea with Their New Mermaid Collection

The makeup company that has walked the lands as the makeup company for unicorns, is now stepping into the sea to transform into the makeup collection for mermaids. Lime Crime’s latest collection this summer is a shimmery and beautiful mermaid collection. Lime Crime has created brushes, eyeshadows, lip colors, press on nails, and highlighters to be a part of their seashell inspired mermaid makeup.


The Lime Crime Aquatic Liquid Glitter mermaid brushes are made with a pale blue bristles. The handles are clear and filled with a pink glitter innards. You can watch the glitter move around the handle while you apply your makeup. The Aquatic Liquid Glitter brushes included in the set are for powder foundation brush, blush brush, pencil brush, lip brush, fanned out brush, angled brow brush, and eyeshadow blending brush. The brushes come in a pink glitter case.


The Mermaid Collection eyeshadows and highlighters come in their sea green palette. The case has some in imagers of a mermaid’s tale, seashell, and pearl. The shades in the palette are sparking lavender, sea foam, and ivory. These shimmery shades may be used on the eyelids or on the face as a highlighter.


The Velvetines lip colors for the mermaid collection are perfect for trips to the beach, out on the town, festivals, and summer days. The shades are a gleaming purple called Seashell Bra. The sea blue is called Mermaid’s Grotto. A shimmery conch shell hued Velvetines lip color called Siren is the third Velvetines mermaid lip color.


The press on nails for the mermaid collection come in shimmery oyster, lizard, camel, and storm. All of these press on nails will give your nails like a beautiful mermaid in the ocean.


To make you look extra mermaid-esque, you can use the hair color from Lime Crime. The bright hued hair colors from the beauty company uses vegetable dye and is completely vegan. It is long lasting and fades with a pleasant look. Some of the mermaid hues from the company are the Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Blue Smoke, and Pony hair colors. You can pick out any of these exciting new mermaid products from the company’s website: