Matthew Autterson Success as Investment Advisor

Investment management can be said to be the professional management of assets and securities with a specific goal, beneficial to the investor. Assets can be real estate or other assets. A full package of investment management consist of financial statement analysis, asset, and stock selection, plan implementation and monitoring of the investments.



Institutions like insurance firms and education establishments can benefit by being investors. They pay an investment management firm to advice on the best investment to take and how to go about it. Private investors, too are allowed to invest either through investment contract or collective investment scheme like the mutual funds.


The top firms

Investment management firms are companies that at a fee offer professional management consulting service, liquidity and diversification of asset management, depending on the investor’s goal. To succeed these companies have skilled and experienced professionals to ensure every aspect of the investment is taken care of. The fund managers who are the primary advisers on the investors, compliance team to ensure all legislation and regulations are followed. Internal auditors work is to keep eyes on the internal control systems, track and record transactions.


About Matthew

Matthew Autterson is an investment management professional with over twenty years of experience in investment, accounting, and finance. He is also the co-founder and the principal wealth adviser at WIN Wealth Management. Mr. Autterson assists clients to identify appropriate risk profile for their portfolio, provide consultations especially when markets are not going so well and advice on tax and estate planning issues. As a life insurance agent, Matthew Autterson also offers to give advice on life insurance and long-term care insurance.


Before co-founding WIN, Matthew Autterson was the Vice President of Registered Investment Adviser in Minneapolis and was also a registered representative at American Express and Royal Alliance. He was a practicing CPA and an adjunct professor of financial management at North Iowa Area Community College. Matthew Autterson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the Buena Vista University.