Omar Yunes – Sushi

Omar Yunes is a top businessman and food service experts with global recognition for his multiple efforts. He has won countless awards. The most common are the BFW – Best Franchisee in the World – awards, which he has won on several occasions. The most recent was in Italy, in which a secured a top spot; this competition is held every year. Omar can only await the next one with greater anticipation.

Omar could not have done it alone, for everything that his business – Sushi Itto – does is a team effort, and he will say no less. Everyone has a part. He also holds that his team has only hired some of the best people in areas of hospitality and customer service combined, not to mention top-notch food service experts.

These employees were new recruits who have never worked in such divisions before and even skilled veterans of their trade. In a recent video interview following the award, Yunes mentioned many of his life goals. One of them has been international recognition and success, if not the most important. He has accomplished this dream and still lives for another fight. Wonderful sushi rolls in warm sauces are what his company specializes in, and it does it like no one else: Such a degree of excellence and care has brought Sushi Itto its best reputation and repeat customers so far, and it promises to retain such standards for years to come.

Omar has likewise held that innovation is always a step ahead into finding the virtues that characterize any leaders and their businesses, excelling them to become more than mere hosts. These experts are genuinely sent to give the fullest attention to each detail for the guest’s pleasure. Quality, thus, is not merely an end but a way of doing things – and a journey as opposed to a destination. recently posted all information from Omar Yunes’s interview and from his most recent success as BFW. Sushi Itto hires waitresses, waiters, servers, hosts, bussers, chefs, sushi preparers, greeters and more. You may find out more on Facebook or LinkedIn.