Omar Yunes: Taking Home a Prestigious Award

Sushi Itto is one of the fastest growing restaurants in Mexico today. The restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine, and it has a huge following because of the extensive choices of delicious food that they offer. Sushi Itto has several branches throughout Mexico, and some of these branches are being franchised by individuals. One of the most successful franchisers of Sushi Itto is Omar Yunes, a young, Mexican businessman who has grown his Sushi Itto branches to more than 13 locations in key Mexican cities– Mexico City, Puebla and Vera Cruz. According to the chief executive of Sushi itto, the stores being owned by Omar Yunes represents 10% of the entire total unites of the brand. Omar Yunes has been recently recognized as the Best Franchisee of the World, and he received the award in a competition held in the city of Florence, Italy. The competition awarding ceremony took place in December 5, and Omar Yunes could not hide his joy in winning the prestigious award. According to the organizers of the event, they decided to choose Omar Yunes as their winner because he possesses the characteristics that a successful franchisee has. The organizers have pointed out how at a very young age, he already managed to expand his business and gain more revenue, contributing significantly to the company. They also added that Omar Yunes have managed to affect the brand positively as a whole, influenced the industry along with his contribution of knowledge in franchising, produced a lot of savings, treated the employees correctly and established a flourishing business model. He passed all of these categories, making him the ultimate champion.

After receiving the award, Omar Yunes thanked his skillful and passionate employees for making Sushi Itto one of the most successful businesses in Mexico. He dedicated the award to them, stating that without them, the business would fail. The CEO of Sushi Itto also thanked Omar Yunes for contributing huge sales to the company, along with promoting their business through the recognition that he received. The food franchising industry in Mexico would probably open up their doors to foreign chains now that the world has seen how successful Mexicans can be with their skills in franchising.