Waiakea Hawaii Volcano Water Breaks New Grounds in Fresh Water

Hawaiians take pride in the unique landscapes of their state and the nature that surrounds them. The nation’s name Hawaii means to “respect and care for the land,” and caring for the land they live on is one of the most important forms of Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians have embraced this symbiotic relationship they have with nature for thousands of years and it has helped add to their culture in many different ways. They use the land to help make clothes they wear, the food they eat, and even the musical instruments they pay for. They also care for the environment around them and continue to look for ways to treat the environment around them better than they were before. Hawaii is also the origin of the pure, clean water Waiakea Hawaiian Volcano Water.

Waiakea Hawaii Volcano Water is a company’s brand of water that was founded back in 2012 as the first Hawaiian Volcanic Water of its kind. The company’s motto is “Drink Healthy, Dink Sustainably, Drink Ethically.” The mission of the Waiakea water is to provide healthy, delicious water to people throughout the world with little impact as possible on the environment. All of the Waiakea supply water is all sustainable using 33% renewable energy and the bottles are made from 100% rPET and using water from some of the most sustainable water resources in the world. For every bottle purchased, 650 L of clean water will be supplied to developing countries who need clean drinking water. Moreover, this water is from the freshest spring that Hawaii has to offer in the Waiakea Volcanos where liquids are guaranteed to be fresh and safe for drinking. The Waiakea Hawaii Volcano Water is the best fresh water that Hawaii has to offer for drinking and it will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

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James Dondero and the Future

James Dondero is a man that speaks his mind. He can be trusted to tell investors what needs to happen and what shouldn’t. In today’s investment world, that can truly be the highest level of accomplishment. While many looks towards his position at Highland Capital Management as a past embarrassment, other see it as a positive. After all, you aren’t really ever sure of who did or said what. Dondero speaks his mind. Having that ability to speak out makes most people happy. They feel that they can trust a person like that. Perhaps they also will invest their money in his financial guidance.

James Dondero went to school at the University of Virginia, where he graduated with the highest honors. He received his degrees in finance and accounting. Additionally, he is a licensed certified management accountant and a chartered financial analyst as well. His achievements in school were significant, but there was more to come after graduation.

Living in Dallas, Texas, James Dondero has worked in the financial industry for 30 years. He has done well in his field as well. His awards include leading in the following financial awards.

– ETFs
– Hedge funds
– Clos
– Private equity funds
– Mutual funds

His work over the years has helped thousands of people to raise the money that needed in important moments of their lives. Sometimes that type of guidance is truly needed. Without it, some people would fall apart in life. They could go bankrupt and end up in crippling debt. When they have financial guidance, they can rise above the chaos and get back on track. Some can even get ahead and benefit financially.

Dondero has big plans for the future too. Expansion into other countries with new ways to help his investors is right on the horizon. The only question is, what will happen? Will he continue to go forward successfully, or will he try a whole new plan? Hedge funds are a thing that is being carefully evaluated at the moment for James Dondero. His next moves will be well worth watching to see exactly what he decides to do.

Agora Financial Helps People See Their Way to a Better Financial Plan

Agora Financial is a private financial publishing company that has presented investors with a plethora of different financial literacy publications. Everyone needs to have some financial advice at some point. Most people that are looking for opportunities to invest in things will glance quickly at what is going on in the market through the Internet, but sometimes people that are planning to do long-term investing will need more in-depth information. This is where Agora Financial comes into the picture. This is a company that has analysts that are well-versed in learning about new companies and presenting information that may not be found anywhere else on the web.

The consultants for this company have been able to predict many things like the housing crisis before events like this occurred. The consultants that are part of the Agora financial team have a very special job. These consultants are it’s going to be instrumental in helping people realize just what they need to do in order to maximize their investments. Most investors that are looking for a chance to build their portfolio may not know exactly where they need to start. Some people do not have the ability to sort out the type of investments that are going to bring them the best returns.

The great thing about Agora Financial is that there are a plethora of publications that emphasize how the market is changing. There are a lot of indications on what will be essential for investors to make more money on investments. In addition to finding out the things that people need to invest in, Agora Financial also helps investors avoid those companies that will fold in the midst of financial crisis. Agora Financial has financial literacy that is going to help people make the best of their income for investing.


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Dr. AviWeisfogel: A Dentist Who Treats Patients With Sleep Problems

Dr. AviWeisfogel is a dentist that has been helping to treat patients with sleep disorders since the 1990s. Through his research and practice he has been able to identify a number of effective ways dentists can help people all around the world with sleep related problems sleeping. Dr. Weisfogel has helped many people suffering with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders to find relief. But he is not satisfied to be the only dentist willing and able to assist people with all manner as sleep issues. Instead he has been working to help a growing number of dentists to treat patients as well.


An excellent dentist, Dr. AviWeisfogel voted Best Dentist numerous times while running his practice Old Bridge Dental Care for over 15 years. While he was providing excellent dental care for his patients, he was also helping patients with sleep problems. Helping patients with sleep disorders is something in which he developed an interest while working on his DDS at the School pf Dentistry at New York University. In the years since then he has been able to devise a number of innovative treatments. He has dedicated many years to encouraging other dentists to help patients with sleep disorders as well.


Dr. Weisfogel has founded a number of organizations to reach out to other dentists and physicians to make them aware of ways they can work together to provide effective solutions to sleep problems. In 2010 he opened Healthy Heart Sleep to help dentists worldwide to set up sleep labs. Then in 2012 he started Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Through this organization he lectures dentists on how to expand their practices treating patients with sleep disorders. In 2014 he founded Dental Sleep Masters to help teach other dentists to use dental appliances to treat people with sleep issues.


Part of the assistance Dr. Weisfogel provides other dentists interested in treating patients with sleep apnea and other breathing-related sleep issues is how to identify and diagnose those patients. He also provides help with billing, staff training and many other business practices to dentists throughout the U.S.


To know more visit @: thebrotalk.com/bro-bio/bro-bio-avi-weisfogel-leader-dental-sleep-industry/

Avaaz- The New Frontier In Online Activism

In years past, activism meant holding a sign outside of a library or waiting for hours on college campuses hoping someone will eventually take a flyer (and not immediately throw it away). Inefficient, draining, and unimpactful, few even bother anymore, thinking their effort to make the Earth a better place will fall to the wayside. But times have changed, and there are hundreds more available avenues for the would-be activist. Better yet, they consume far less time and are exponentially more efficient. The premier destination for this new era of activism is Avaaz, an online activist network with over forty-four million members and hundreds of ways for anyone to make a difference in mere minutes.
But what are these alleged innovations in activism? The foundation lies in social media, an idea Avaaz has taken to its most extreme, and found enormous success in doing so. By networking potential activists from all over the world under a common banner, one person’s five minutes can have a tangible impact on the world. A few time-tested methods are commonly employed. Activists will be able to sign petitions, engage local governments, send emails to interested persons, and interact by way of real world organized protests.
Avaaz has such an incredibly large user-base one can only wonder how everyone stays organized. The answer lies in random-person surveys to sent to members on a weekly basis. A more all-encompassing poll is sent out once per year to try and sort of the more general goals of the organization. What this ultimately translates to is Avaaz being run by the activists it gives a platform. In doing so, Avaaz has amassed hundreds of thousands of verified success stories, all of which can be read on their homepage. Activism, as a concept, has evolved far beyond the picket fence. Join the revolution, and make a difference with Avaaz.
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The USHEALTH Group consists of several institutions that provide the clients with innovative healthcare products. The company is currently based in the United States, and it has earned the hearts of many people because of the quality of its products. The institution has a team of professionals who have been in the healthcare world for a long time. These professionals work hard to give the customer a cover that is suitable for their needs.


USHEALTH Group has served consumers in the United States for more than fifty years. Unlike most of the insurance who charge an arm and a leg for their covers, the company has survived different financial times because its products are affordable. People prom the middle-class can access the plans whenever they want.


The insurance agency is known for being very flexible, reliable, secure and affordable. The greatest beneficiaries of the plans from the USHEALTH Group are the families who come from the low-income class. In most cases, these individuals are not able to access the medical covers in the market.


Before the introduction of the company into the United States market, most people believed that medical covers were only reserved for the wealthy people in the society. The insurance company, however, has shocked the world by ensuring that this trend is changed. Even the lowest paid individuals in the community can access medical care at reasonable prices.


Just like any other insurance company, the USHEALTH Group provides the middle-class citizen with a variety of products and services. The successful firm covers critical illnesses, vision, accident, short term disability income, any dental diseases and many other conditions that affect persons in the modern times. Because the insurance company has been in the competitive insurance business for a long time, it has extensive knowledge, and this explains its success.


The leadership of the USHEALTH Group has played a crucial role in the success of the firm. Troy McQuagge is currently the president and chairman of the institution. Under his leadership, the insurance company has done very well, becoming one of the most sought after companies in the world. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/US-Health-Group

Richard Mishaan Design- Bringing Decades together through Interior Design

Richard Mishaan, highly sought after designer at Richard Mishaan Design is a one of New York’s premiere interior designers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Born and raised in Columbia, he uses his Columbian roots in some way in all of his designs. With bright and bold colors and intriguing furnishings at the helm of his designs it is no wonder that so many people have flocked to purchase his two books “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury”. Richard Mishaan believes that if you buy good pieces they can be reused and redesigned in a whole new but different way, creating a whole new modern design. He also believes that art can be used together with modern furnishings to create an entirely dramatic effect.


In one of his clients homes in a classic Richard Mishaan design, entitled “Tribecca House” he uses a splash of lime to brighten up and streamline an appliance wall in the kitchen while creating a classic feel with a white pedestal table with a glass top and classic clean white chairs. This is my favorite design because of the use of the bright and bold color while using a soft cool sea green as the kitchen back splash, while utilizing the small space to make it appear larger. This is just one example of the use of color you will find with in a Richard Mishaan Design.


As an businessman and entrepreneur, Richard Mishaan founder of Richard Mishaan Design also offers products on the Home Shopping Network that let’s you bring the stylistic designs of Richard Mishaan into your home at an affordable price.


Richard Mishaan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University. He gained his apprenticeship at the offices of Philip Johnson.


You can learn more about Richard Mishaan and Richard Mishaan Design at www.richardmishaan.com.





Jason Halpern: The Real Estate Guru

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern’s success in real estate is due to his long time experience and more especially having grown up in such a family. He is an accomplished entrepreneur in this industry. Starting on the business was not hard since he already knew so much. He is a managing partner at JMH Development and has highly contributed to its success.


He has spent 50 years in the organization in developing real estate buildings and also being in charge of them as a manager. His experience has kept the company developing. Furthermore JMH Development is well-known as well as being one of the tops in the U.S. New York City and Westchester County have properties that are managed by his family and the company.


The organization’s main job is to develop archaeological buildings, this is a good investment because such construction welcome tourists. These historical buildings make the whole company and its team outstanding from other companies that deal with real estate development. Moreover, JMH Development has maintained a good partnership with numerous cities because of the excellent job it brings out. The organization works on 24-hour clock service hence emerging to be a top company in the real estate industry.


Each and every building constructed by the company has a meaning that will keep people coming, this is due to how unique these constructions are. Williamsburg and Brooklyn are working together with the company due to the development difference in order of a better development, these two are recognized to have good developing markets. The goal of the organization is constructing incredible, luxurious and prosperous buildings.


Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property


Jason Halpern is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist who has involved himself in many charitable firms. Some of the firms include The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, he assists to his capacity in this center. This institute is part of his hometown. Another charitable firm is The Westchester Medical Fraternity, he helps in providing the required tools that assist in the treatment of orthopedic surgery, open-heart surgery and emergency neurosurgery.


Jason’s Family

It is the duty of the facility to make sure that children and women about to give birth are treated the same as other patients. Jason Halpern also offers a sum of $20,000 million to each agreement completed in the global water charity work. Nepal and Ethiopia are the countries that gain from this water project because they are funded. Jason Halpern at the end of the day is a happy man because he accomplishes his work as a businessman of the real estate industry and a philanthropist who has changed the lives of many people all over the world.

Omar Yunes: World’s Best Franchisee

Winning the Best Franchisee of the World prize would be a lifetime achievement for many franchise operators, but at 21 years old, Sushi Itto franchisee Omar Yunes has only just begun. An innovative and energetic businessman from Mexico who manages 13 Sushi Itto outlets in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz, Omar Yunes’ Best Franchisee of the World victory placed him on the global stage in a December 2015 competition in Florence, Italy, one that pitted him against competitors from 13 other countries, including Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico.

Modestly crediting the 400 Sushi Itto employees under his management and the “brand that allowed us to innovate,” Omar Yunes, who manages 10% of the franchise outlets owned by Sushi Itto, has proven to be a major competitive force in winning Mexican franchises a place on the world stage. Yunes’ presentation on “The Professionalization of the Role of the Franchisee” demonstrated his innovative drive, as the competitors for the BFW prize were evaluated not just on their effects on the brand itself, but on the entire network of the organizations they represent, including employee motivation, overall savings, and improvements to the business model as a whole. Yunes emerged as an important and ambitious force for change, implementing a strong business model and control boards that allowed for a more precise measurement of each unit’s operating cost.

Sushi Itto chief executive officer Benjamin Cancelmo offered high praise for Yunes, remarking that “We consider these awards a manifestation of our joint effort to offer our customers excellent service, remarkable, flavor, and unique hospitality.” For Diego Elizarrarás, organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar Yunes’ award is a testament to Mexico’s effort to gain recognition at the international level, leaving behind days when Mexican franchises were primarily regional. Yanes’ prize is a major step for Mexican franchise operations.


Connect with Omar Yunes on Crunchbase.

Here Comes George Soros

As society progresses into a forward-thinking place, countries need numerous leaders that remain able to guide citizens in their country. In addition to society progressing socially, these experiences have also led to growth and advancements in technology. Due to so many changes taking place, good governance remains a rarity. Moreover, good governance remains exclusive to a select few. With ongoing turmoil around the world, global warfare remains a possibility. However, some people have taken the initiative to create an opportunity where humankind can come together. Moreover, these people have created several initiatives that positively impacted the world.

With that being said, George Soros remains the leader in reference. Furthermore, George Soros remains a man of prestige and respect. Aside from being one of the world’s wealthiest people, Soros also remains one of the world’s most philanthropic people. Between 1979 to 2011, George Soros contributed over ten billion dollars to charity and philanthropic efforts. Moreover, his resilience remains something to marvel at. In addition to possessing Jewish heritage, George Soros remains a survivor of the Holocaust. As Nazi Germany assumed power, George Soros fled from Hungary. From an empirical standpoint, George Soros witnessed murder and violence. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

However, George Soros and his family managed to escape such turbulent times. In 1947, his family moved to England. During his tenure at the London School of Economics, George Soros fared well among his colleagues. Not only did George Soros rank high in his class, also managed to obtain both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. In addition to obtaining both of his degrees, George Soros set out to create his first hedge fund. In 1969, his vision finally came to fruition. Moreover, he called his hedge fund the Double Eagle. One year later, Soros opened his second hedge fund. This remains attributed to the success of his previous hedge fund. To expound further, George Soros remains known for creating the world’s most successful hedge fund. In parallel, Soros also remains known for his financial invincibility.

Know more: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyman-of-the-right-2017-5

During the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis, George Soros secured a one billion dollar fortune. Moreover, his philanthropic efforts did not go unnoticed. As he made his way to the United States, George Soros impacted America’s politics. Moreover, George Soros has remained a sponsor to both the LGBT community and the African-American community. Furthermore, he has remained involved in philanthropy for about as long as he has remained involved in investing. As George Soros approaches the age of 90, he continues to positively impact the world. Moreover, he remains one of the last survivors of the Holocaust. In addition, his wealth currently exceeds twenty billion dollars. In closing, Soros will go down in history for his influence. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com.