Premier Plastic Surgery In Texas

Plastic surgery is not just limited to tummy tucks and nose jobs anymore, in fact the field of plastic surgery has grown to be a place where burn victims get a chance to cover their scars with new skin and breast cancer survivors get augmentations to replace what the cancer took. Looking for a good surgeon is pivotal and Texas has a long list of top plastic surgeons in the area. Their list include names like Dr. Steve Byrd who is the Director of Plastic Surgery at the Children’s Medical Center and Dr Robert Wilcox who has twenty years under his belt. Dr. Jennifer Walden is another big name in aesthetic surgery, and she has quickly become one of Texas’ top plastic surgeons.

Walden is well known in the media for her commentary on aesthetic surgery, new and upcoming surgical techniques, and is also a published author. Walden has been a guest on big names networks like ABC News, Fox News, and VH1, to give her opinions on anything regarding aesthetic surgery. Don’t think she’s all talk though, after graduating salutatorian from the University of Texas Medical Branch Walden flew through her internship and residency with talent and dedication. Her continued perfection of her technique landed her a highly sought after and honorable fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Walden continued her work at the premier hospital in New York for seven years before returning to her native home of Austin, Texas.

She opened up her own private practice focusing on plastic surgery in Austin shortly after her move. Since then Walden has been listed as one of America’s Top 24 Beauty Surgeons in Harper’s Bazaar in 2014 and has become a member of Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors. She’s also one of the few women elected to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She’s also published multiple papers in medical journals on the technical advancement of surgery. Walden is well rounded, smart, and dedicated to her work as well as patients who seek her expertise.