Red Carpet Fashion in Don Ressler’s Eyes

Every now and then, there are people that push the boundaries of fashion. Often times, the results are met with ridicule. However, after all is said and done, those people are often considered heroes and heroines for pushing fashion in the direction it eventually goes in. One of the examples of pushing the boundaries of fashion is the rare celebrity on the red carpet. For instance, Lady Gaga was daring when she has showed up to the red carpet in a lamb chop dress. This has caused a lot of attention. Many people have had things to say about it. However, this has given Lady Gaga a lot of attention and a reputation for self expression.

Don Ressler is hoping to do something similar with fashion by pushing the boundaries and getting it to go in the direction he wants which is a free for all. Ressler wants there to be a huge diversity of clothing so that anyone can enjoy fashion. One of the goals is to bring society to where people can dress in all kinds of ways and be accepted. While society does have a long way to go, it is making progress for both men and women.

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With TechStyle, people are getting to see some very unique and likable items in their closets. According to Don Ressler with a lot of thought and creativity being put towards the designs of the clothes, people are very likely to enjoy wearing outfits that are out of the norm. Many people have discovered that there is a lot of beauty and unity in diversity. The same can be shown in fashion according to When people are dressed in different ways that are a representation of who they really are, they are going to be more at peace with themselves. At the same time, they are going to get along better with others.

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