Waiakea Hawaii Volcano Water Breaks New Grounds in Fresh Water

Hawaiians take pride in the unique landscapes of their state and the nature that surrounds them. The nation’s name Hawaii means to “respect and care for the land,” and caring for the land they live on is one of the most important forms of Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians have embraced this symbiotic relationship they have with nature for thousands of years and it has helped add to their culture in many different ways. They use the land to help make clothes they wear, the food they eat, and even the musical instruments they pay for. They also care for the environment around them and continue to look for ways to treat the environment around them better than they were before. Hawaii is also the origin of the pure, clean water Waiakea Hawaiian Volcano Water.

Waiakea Hawaii Volcano Water is a company’s brand of water that was founded back in 2012 as the first Hawaiian Volcanic Water of its kind. The company’s motto is “Drink Healthy, Dink Sustainably, Drink Ethically.” The mission of the Waiakea water is to provide healthy, delicious water to people throughout the world with little impact as possible on the environment. All of the Waiakea supply water is all sustainable using 33% renewable energy and the bottles are made from 100% rPET and using water from some of the most sustainable water resources in the world. For every bottle purchased, 650 L of clean water will be supplied to developing countries who need clean drinking water. Moreover, this water is from the freshest spring that Hawaii has to offer in the Waiakea Volcanos where liquids are guaranteed to be fresh and safe for drinking. The Waiakea Hawaii Volcano Water is the best fresh water that Hawaii has to offer for drinking and it will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

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