An article from Realty Biz News gives a snapshot of what real estate professional Stephen Bittel has been able to do during the pandemic by offering new opportunities in the form of leases. A native of Miami, Stephen Bittel’s real estate firm, Terranova Corp, has reinvigorated the state of Florida. The firm holds many assets like Miracle Mile and Lincoln Road in Miami. Stephen Bittel has made new additions like the construction of a large rooftop lounge for people to congregate when outdoor dining can be limited during a busy time. The location on Miami Beach called Skyyard Miami will soon come with a bar and food. Not only did it allow people to gather and speak to one another under guidelines but it opened up much-needed job opportunities for people during the pandemic who are struggling to make ends meet or need some extra money. Terranova also adapted to the current time by giving new landlords favorable leases and opening up pop-ups, new restaurants, lounges, food halls, and much more. Stephen Bittel believes this gives owners more opportunities to make money and gain more prominence among people. Terranova Corp and CEO Stephen Bittel have a strong team in place to make decisions. Bittel believes the South Florida real estate market is strong and thriving post-pandemic. The article credits the CEO for his ability to innovate and adapt on the fly even during a widespread pandemic. He did this by opening leasing for businesses and building valuable relationships with the tenants. Bittel’s ingenuity has developed Lincoln Road into a tourist hotspot.

Stephen Bittel is the founder and chairman of the real estate firm, Terranova Corp. He is a University of Miami School of Law alum. He also graduated from Bowdoin College. Stephen Bittel received the “Ultimate CEO” award from the South Florida Business Journal in 2005.

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