Education is one of the cornerstones of American life. Every single American child will have to deal with the American educational system at some point. The same is true of all parents. All parents will need to cope with the issues raised when thinking about the American educational system. One person who has devoted her life to this process is Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos has made it her business to work with the American educational system for over three decades. She has been at the forefront of efforts to challenge the status quo. This is one area that she’s given a great thought to over the course of her life. As a young woman growing up in Michigan, she was part of this system along with her parents and her siblings. As the mother of four kids of her own, she’s also spent a lot of time thinking about American educational policy.


Working Hard


Betsy DeVos has worked very hard to put her efforts at educational reform into action. Like so many other Americans, she believes that all Americans are entitled to have a say in how their kids are educated in the United States. She also believes that all Americans have the right to access funds that are designated for their kids. This is a process that she’s pushed forward over the course of her work in this area. In her opinion, the purpose of educational funding is all about kids and parents. It is not about the district or the officials who run it and make educational policy. This is where she finds a great deal of support from her fellow parents. They know that working hard with her at their side can pay off. She is there to fully advocate for her fellow parents and help them.


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