Concierge Auctions, the world’s largest luxury retail company, will be conducting an online sale of a property in Sierra Towers. The sale is scheduled to take place June 25-30. The penthouse property, located on the 32nd floor, is a blank slate with countless possibilities for its 7000 square feet, but has already been approved for a six bedroom, seven bathroom layout. It stands out from the other properties in Sierra Towers, with its two fireplaces, 24-hour security, fitness center and swimming pool. The penthouse combines two units– a studio and a one-bedroom space, which can be purchased separately. There is also the option for valet parking or parking in one of the unit’s six parking spacing. The penthouse also has an accessible additional dwelling unit for staff to live close by. Concierge Auctions is listing the property for $33.5 million with no reserve. The unit is currently owned by Evan Metropoulos of Metropolis & Co and more

Sierra Towers, the community where the property is located at Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. It is just 11 miles from Santa Monica Beach and downtown Los Angeles–only a 20 minute and 30 minutes to the respective airports. Nature lovers can also enjoy nearby Griffith Park, Laurel Canyon and West Hollywood Park. Sierra Towers has also been home to celebrities such as Cher, Elton John and Joan Collins. Concierge Auctions is proud to host the sale of a property in such a prestigious neighborhood.