If you have not yet heard of Isidoro Quiroga, then what should you know about him? This businessman is from Chile, and he is quite highly respected in the salmon industry. Australis Seafoods is the company of which he is the Controller. Quiroga’s role is very important to this Chilean maritime company. Mr. Quiroga became the Chief Executive Officer of Australis Seafoods in 2007. This happened four years after he acquired part of the company back in 2003.

Isidoro Quiroga is known for his stellar team leadership. He certainly has the right skills for high-level management roles. He has also had significant involvement with True Salmon Pacific Company. This group is among the largest salmon distributors in North America, and Quiroga managed to purchase half of this organization. This is a decision that suited his goal of entering the American salmon market. While still heavily involved with Australis Seafoods, Mr. Quiroga actually sold off the company to a Chinese organization called Joyvio Group.

Mr. Isidoro Quiroga has certainly impressed many onlookers with his accomplishments in the salmon commercialization and processing industry, but what prepared him for such a successful career in the world of commercial salmon? Quiroga is actually highly educated, and he graduated from the School of Engineering at Universidad de Chile. He also launched a kiwi business back in the 1980s. Isidoro has expressed great interest in Silicon Valley investments recently.