Online Trading Academy (OTA) is a market-leading provider of financial education to people who want to build skills, gain proficiency and acquire the confidence to trade and invest in financial markets. OTA has designed a proprietary and gradual methodology to help traders and investors in making INTELLIGENT decisions. Knowledgeable instructors teach students in an interactive classroom with hi-tech online education resources. The course geared towards individual traders and investors is available on a trading platform called CliK.

Studies on Investment

A study by Peter Swan and colleagues Wei, LU, and Joakim Westerholm has different findings from past study research entitled “The Behavior of Individual Investors,” of 2013, concluding that traders and investors lost money was cited during GameStop government hearings. Online Trading Academy President Mike Richardson said it was puzzling that research by Professor Peter Swan seems to be neglected.

Prof Peter Swan and colleagues in 2016, using a methodology called “Holding-Period-Invariant,” avoided biases of a conservative “Calendar-Time” methodology used by previous researchers. Holding-Period-Invariant (HPI) methodology by Professor Swam turns the previous conclusion around using Calendar-Time (C-T) methodology. HDI shows that households were performing better than institutions, while C-T findings showed they were doing poorly. Richardson reveals that “Prof Swan′s research, methodology and perspectives are similar to Online Trading Academy experience of many years with so many students.”

Past Research Biases

Prof Swan explains that C-T methodology has misled the world for more than 40 years by misrepresenting how investors think and act. The reality is different from a past belief that investors aim to gain a return over a pre-specified time like a week or month. Instead, Prof Swan and his team found out that investors use other factors to decide if they will retain or exit from an investment or buy more. The factors that guide investors to make decisions are sales, purchase costs, prospective returns from alternate investments. They also rely on current and prospective returns.

OTA research center plans to continue shining light on the myths, biases, and misconceptions of research findings to make people more informed.

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