Juan Monteverde is the founder and owner of Monteverde and Associate PC, which focuses on representing shareholders when financial issues occur due to misleading advertisements or fraud. Monteverde’s represents his clients to advocate for shareholder rights since he is an attorney in New York City. Being a recognized lawyer in the shareholders’ rights field, Juan has written articles and addressed the public to create awareness.

The founder of Monteverde and Associate PC has acquired experience working with different firms before starting his business. Monteverde’s experience in law and shareholders rights knowledge was the firm’s inspiration, which has recorded successful cases since its inception.

In an interview, Mr Monteverde shared his firm makes money when it achieves favourable results for shareholder cases. Under an agreement, when a shareholder gets compensation in cash, the firm will take a percentage of the money per agreement. The percentage the Monteverde and Associate PC is allowed to take is approved by the court. Having a great relationship with his former firm, Juan firm became profitable instantly because he had pending cases he needed to work on and represent in court. Monteverde’s experience in the law industry also attracted several clients who trusted in his services.

Juan Monteverde shared he had no room for doubt when starting Monteverde and Associate PC because court rulings are not always favourable. Intending to deliver exclusive customer services and successful cases, Juan focused his attention on serving his clients instead of doubting the process of success. The founder of Monteverde and Associates Pc shared he got his customers through marketing and press release before the internet became active. Being transparent with prospective clients is something Mr Monteverde shared to be a good marketing strategy. Juan Monteverde also shared the importance of hard work, networking and having a good relationship with other professionals to create a growth platform in any business. Go Here for related Information.