Alexander PayneContrary to what very many individuals don’t know, not every other film in the production line reaches the viewers. Many films are discarded on the production line because they have failed to meet the basic requirements that producers of the viewers have been looking to get. However, ensuring that a film is produced and others are not produced is the primary role of the film producer.

Therefore, very many individuals are interested in understanding the criteria used in the entire process. Obviously, some people might have a perception that the producer emotionally decides which film they will produce and which they will not produce. This could create a negative impression of the producer, especially from the young individuals who are trying to venture into film production and acting. However, producers have justifiable reasons why they prevent the production of certain films.

As a producer, Alexander Payne is not interested in producing films that are of very low quality. One may wonder why he is not producing such films because he will be receiving his pay. However, the production industry has everything to do with reputation. Individuals who will produce films of very low quality will not be getting the gigs they have been getting. Therefore, every producer must product their reputation by having high-quality films.


The cost implication is another important factor that producers have been analyzing when they are making decisions about various films. Generally, Alexander Payne does not produce films whose profitability cannot be verified. The owners of the film are interested in getting the necessary returns. Therefore, the entire cost of the production process must be relative to the expected returns that the film will be making.

Alexander Payne

Finally, there are very many ethical production requirements that various producers have to consider before they can make decisions. There are producers who can produce anything as they do not care too much about the ethical implications of their work. However, there are other producers who are very selective, and they will not produce a film that can easily compromise with their ethical and religious beliefs. Alexander Payne is a very selective producer.