Plastic waste has been a menace across the globe. Most governments across the globe burn their midnight oil just trying to come up with a solution to curb the menace. It has been estimated that by 2050, the human population will have produced 27 billion tons of waste. The Australian government has recently announced its plans to venture into the Recycling Modernization Fund. In its effort to curb plastic waste, the Australian government has committed approximately 190 million dollars. It is estimated that the funds will create more than 10,000 jobs and generate more than 600 million dollars in recycling investment.

The CEO of Cleanaway, Vik Bansal has ascertained that with the government pumping that kind of money, the waste management industry will be impacted positively. He takes pride in his company in that it has extensively worked out a way to transform waste into a valuable resource. He asserts that Australia produces waste that is approximated to be around 67 million tons annually. He continues to depict that almost all waste in the general waste bin goes to landfills. The recycling system that is currently used by the government is up against consumer confusion. He depicts that even though waste products are successfully recycled into valuable products, sometimes there would be no viable market for the same.

Vik Bansal has successfully played various executive roles in Asia, Australia, and the US. It has been established that he has led to the magnificent growth of some of the most coveted and prominent companies in the world. Due to exemplary leadership skills, he has held various executive positions in some of the prominent companies. For example, he was once the group president of Pacific Asia and he also served in the same capacity in the Global Engineered Infrastructure Products based in Valmont.

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