There are two main open source projects that Radvinsky has been associated with: Elixir and BX4. Not only did he expand the applications for the former, but he was also an angel investor and business partner for the latter. Both these endeavors offer untold benefits to any number of users, and Radvinsky is devoted to helping these tools get into the hands of the right people.

Leo Radvinsky’s LR Foundation

Radvinsky’s main source of support comes from his foundation. The LR Foundation was created to support the promotion, advancement, and development of open source technology. Radvinsky is hoping to empower organizations and foster a new generation of developers to encourage collaboration across the world. This is financial aid that empowers people to innovate on a bigger scale, creating the kind of equity that technology was always meant to bring to the globe.

About Open Source

Open source technology refers to software that is accessible to the public. It gives people the chance to inspect, change, or add to any given program or project to assess its capabilities and improve its features.

About Leonid Radvinsky

Leonid Radvinsky is a successful tech entrepreneur, largely due to his ability to quickly assess the market at any given time. His larger goal is to give people more control over their experience with technology, so they can make decisions that suit their individual needs.

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