Jack MasonThe impacts brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic resulted in various governments implementing several measures to counter the spread of the virus. The UK is one of the countries looking forward to opening its economy by implementing the three-tier lockdown system. Though several firms, businesses, and organizations have implemented remote working, only a few personnel can mingle with customers. Some of the measures put in place to counter the spread of this virus include; wearing face masks, restricting social gatherings, working from home, and restricting unnecessary movement. The outbreak of this pandemic has forced everyone to adopt a new way of living.

Jack Mason, an entrepreneur and businessman, explains some changes expected in the economy and how we should navigate these tough economic times. Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO is at the frontline to explain what beholds the future of the UK as a result of its lockdown. He explains areas that need to be transformed for the better of the country.

First, Jack Mason explains the need to increase the salaries and wages of UK workers. This is a group that contributes significantly to the countries rise in the economy. An example of a group that needs to be acknowledged and appreciated is the health care workers group. Often, you will find most of them being exposed to the virus and patients infected by the deadly disease. Other groups include retail workers, cleaners, transportation groups, teachers, and care workers, to name a few.

Jack Mason

Equality is another sector that Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO, advises its importance. This is a disease that affects everyone and people of a certain calibre. It is, therefore, the government’s responsibility to give equal support to everyone.

The outbreak of this virus has led to a collapse in the economy. Its impact is devastating and has dwindled because of the numerous debts to help sustain the economy. The economy also fluctuated because several workers lost their jobs hence a reduced flow of currency.