An article from Deloitte explains the effects the coronavirus pandemic had on the healthcare industry and what it will look like going forward in 2021. The pandemic left ripple effects across the healthcare sector, supply chain, and showed the inequalities among social classes. Virtual health, data analytics, and other digital innovations became more important in the year. Consumers drove much of the change in health care. Mahmoud Khattab is known as the CEO of Precision MD. Each patient is different and different measures need to be implemented for each individual. New digital tools and services have been added to improve and make this process more convenient. New technology and services have allowed patients to be seen more rapidly and conveniently. Mahmoud Khattab graduated from the University of Damascus. Mahmoud Khattab can also speak two different languages such as English and Arabic. When it comes to the new technology that has been added to improve the healthcare sector, cloud computing, AI, and virtual care delivery have made a difference. Patients can be seen online as more and more healthcare organizations implement the new IT systems. One of the other keys depicted by Deloitte is the need for collaboration. Many different organizations, partners, and governments had to work together to get past the pandemic. The pandemic also accelerated remote works and data-driven solutions. Mahmoud Khattab resides and works out of California


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