Andrew Lazarus is a renowned Sidney hotelier. Recently, he acquired one of the most iconic pubs in Newcastle for an undisclosed amount.

The famous beach property is located at 99 Frederick St.

The Bale and Twohill families owned the Beach Hotel Merewether for forty years.

The two families are expected to sell the property for twenty million.

Andrew Lazarus stated that his family had eyed the property for some time, and he was ready to do anything to acquire it.

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His family has been operating in the hospitality industry for thirty years.

Thus, they have the necessary skills and experience to run the business.

The family owns the Eastern Hotels Group, which manages a portfolio of assets, including Shoal Bay Country Club, The Exchange Hotel, Hamilton, and more.

The director of the Eastern Hotels Group, Peter Lazarus, will be in charge of the Beach Hotel, given his significant contribution to the Shoal Bay Country Club renovation.

Marketers describe the Beach Hotel as a “Newcastle’s Trophy Asset.”

It overlooks the region’s most beloved beaches.

Additionally, the structure is built using the iconic circa 1946 brick.

The Beach Hotel covers 1858 sqm decorated with art that makes it stand out.

The property features expansive verandas overlooking the beach to give tourists an unbeatable view, and it is a few minutes away from Newcastle’s CBD.

The Lazarus family is super excited and is considering renovations on the property.

However, it may take a while since they want time to engage the community and architects before making any decisions.

Given the family’s experience in the hospitality industry, they know that effective communication will improve customer experience by meeting the current demands.

The previous owners had mixed emotions after the sale since they have run it for over forty years, and they had developed an emotional attachment to the hotel.

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