The British-Indian businessman, Bhanu Choudhrie, was born in June 1978 in Delhi. He attended the University of Boston for an IB&M degree. After graduating, he landed an internship at JP Morgan then later left it for C&C Alpha Group, where he became the executive director in 2001. The company gives consulting services to venture capital companies and promotes client companies in the hospitality and aviation sector. In 2018, Bhanu Choudhrie became the director of Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. He is also on the board of directors of Citizens and Atlantic Coast Banks and serves as a director in Path to Success, a charity organization founded by his mother. Choudhrie is also the initiator of Alpha Aviation Group.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes in investing, and that is the reason why he works with venture capital. Through his experience, Choudhrie acknowledges that long-term partnerships are keys to growing. However, it is critical to choose wisely the places to invest and the people involved. His company works to ensure that those that come to them find assistance to take off in business. When beginning his business, he engaged a young airline that wasn’t very promising, and within five years, it had grown to have 200 flights a day.

While the pandemic has brought chaos in many quarters, Bhanu Choudhrie still believes that growth is possible when you use suitable measures. The aviation and hospitality industries were hit most by the pandemic, and the effect is still tangible. However, the situation can change with adjustments like artificial intelligence, so many activities can still go on. This technology is helpful in luggage checking, facial recognition, checking passports, airplane monitoring, and even online bookings. Bhanu Choudhrie advises investors to take these opportunities to buy when prices are low to secure their places when the industries rise. This confidence and technological improvements are taking Alpha Aviation Group higher despite the tough times. Refer to this page for additional information.