Dave AtrobusDave Antrobus is one of the co-founders of the leading business consulting company Fresh Thinking Group. As well as being its co-founder, Dave is also the technology director. In this role, Dave Antrobus is involved in overseeing all of the technology operations of the company. He manages the information technology department as well as devises more effective strategies for managing and running the company’s technology resources. Along with overseeing the technology department, Dave has spent a lot of time helping businesses by providing them with capital to facilitate growth, expansion and improvement. His company encourages other businesses to emphasize collaboration to consistently reach their goals. On a daily basis, Dave collaborates with business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their companies by developing new technology solutions.

Over the past few years, Dave Antrobus has developed may technology systems that have vastly improved how businesses manage their technology resources. He has used his technological expertise to assist businesses in developing new technology solutions that can help them in many departments such as human resources, finance and marketing. These technology solutions have become a staple in the variety of services that Fresh Thinking Group provides to all of its clients.

When overseeing the technology operations at Fresh Thinking Group, Dave Antrobus focuses on building and optimizing websites and apps. He often uses the programming framework such as Laravel in order to build these sites and apps through the PHP programming language. This approach helps many businesses develop websites that rely on scaling and supporting demand. Along with PHP and Laravel, Dave uses other technology options such as JavaScript, iOS and Vuejs in order to build and improve the quality of webistes. In recent years, Dave Antrobus has spent much of his time developing sites for Android smartphone apps. Today, Dave also manages other technology solutions for Fresh Thinking Group including WordPress, server technologies and Amazon cloud hosting.

Each day Dave works towards his goals of helping businesses get more out of their technology sources by providing them with better solutions. Dave has said that his main goal is to expand FTG’s and Inc & Co’s portfolios with an entrepreneurial and industry specific approach. He offers support and guidance for companies that are looking to manage their technology with more efficiency.