Gary McGaghey is an expert advisor with global experience. He has also worked with the world’s largest hedge fund and has years of financial consulting and financial advisory experience. Gary is currently a senior finance manager for a private financial firm in New Zealand. His extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and financial analysis have served him well in his role as an advisor. Professional success has allowed him to build a reputation as an expert in international business and finance. He is also a CFO with a global company and financial firm.

This experience has led to him developing a deep understanding and appreciation of what it takes to run a large international business, financial firm, or other multi-national entity. In addition, he developed a keen sense of how markets operate and how to improve the performance and profitability of these markets. McGaghey has a strong background and expertise in finance, mergers and acquisitions, and investments. His leadership and mentoring skills have helped him groom young CFOs with a similar skillset and have shaped his personality as a self-starter and a selfless leader. A successful CFO sets the pace and has a proven record of delivering increased value to financial firms and clients.

The first thing that separates a CFO from a financial analyst is their ability to deliver an effective report. The CFO’s work requires them to have a solid understanding of finance and to be able to communicate this effectively through clear language. He must also share this effectively with his clients in meetings, reports, and presentations. Equally important, he must be able to analyze a financial situation clearly and compellingly, using figures and data in a manner that allows his clients to understand and make decisions. Finally, he must be able to give sound and accurate advice to his clients. Follow Gary McGaghey on Facebook for more info.