One of the most successful and young entrepreneurs making solid waves in the United Kingdom, particularly London, is Ryan Bishti. Ryan Bishti is primarily interested in investing in various industries, but he is mainly interested in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Ryan Bishti is the founder of the famous Cirque Le Soir.


Chef Tom Sellers anticipates that the restaurant Ryan Bishti plans to open in London will become a hot place mainly targeted to the celebrity within the city of London. The restaurant located at Brompton Road in Kensington comes with solid backing from one of the leading United Kingdom property moguls known as the Reuben’s.

One of the challenges that Chef Tom Seller admits was a big challenge was deciding whether to open the restaurant without the assistance of celebrities or the surety of having people coming and visiting the restaurant. What is fascinating about this restaurant is its iconic location and site in west London. Ryan Bishti had decided that his restaurant will not alienate any of their clients and embrace every client with the seriousness they deserve.


Ryan Bishti aims at serving a different generation that has grown in our society by bringing together and closer the east and west London. The Cirque Le Soir is a unique restaurant that is conscious about this generation and how they are aware of what they eat and, most importantly, when they eat it.


The new London restaurant has a unique setting that features living trees with an open kitchen. The restaurant aims to bring onboard a seasonal European menu that will combine with other menus to bring out different and unique tastes in our foods. All the foods that Ryan Bishti under his Cirque Le Soir restaurant aims at serving will be consumer-friendly, made, and tasty. Some of the offers on their menu include oysters, grilled meat, and fish.