Schools have the primary responsibility of teaching some new concepts, skills and enabling the students to broaden their minds.

This means that, to a larger extent, schools are supposed to prepare their learners for a life of perpetual learning.

They are supposed to enhance curiosity so that such individuals can continue to incorporate some new knowledge that will not only enhance their lives but also help eliminate some of the constant issues emerging on the globe.

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However, Gordonstoun School has observed that schools do not seem to be equipping their learners with the concept of perpetual learning.

Instead, they are only offering some theoretical concepts that are basically focused on essential skills and concepts that have been taught for years.

That is why there has been very little or no form of growth in the world in the last one hundred years.

There are some experts who are currently indicating that there is a drastic decline in the aspect of innovation in the world.

The problems that people continue to face are those that people faced some years ago.

However, the forefathers seem to have brought some solutions that are currently helping to cover such problems.

That is why Gordonstoun School has noted that people are no longer focused on working on some solutions that can help solve some of the extreme challenges they are currently facing.

Nevertheless, not all the schools out there in the community have moved away from the actual operational strategies that can help in inducing the aspect of curiosity among the kids.

Some of them are aggressive in ensuring that they have a basic understanding of the progress in such areas.

Gordonstoun School wants students to broaden their minds so that they can help provide a tangible solution to other existing issues that are currently emerging and disturbing the peace in the world.

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