Gary McGahey is a well valued CFO who lives in Esher, England. He earns a CFO role at Nelsons where he is productive and is well respected amongst his peers. Trust is a big part of being a CFO and there are high numbers that say 65% of business leaders build trust on a high level. CFO’s work with a lot of purpose and practice and if you do not work your way up in the business world than it would be hard to become a CFO. Anyone you ask will say that you need to trust your CFO and those who are better do not micromanage and trust their employees. This is why I said that trust is a big part of becoming a CFO. CFO’s focus on finance and many CFO’s go to school and love money and accounting. Most CFO’s love their jobs and always need to earn the trust of their employees. Gary McGahey is very good at managing cost and making sure the efficiency at cost in his roles are perfect. For this special CFO who works at Williams Lea Tag, he really values the work he does for his clients. When you are a man of his position you look at treating all of your clients equally and want the best possible outcome for yourself and for your clients. CFO’s at companies have a lot of accountability for their companies and if the CEO does not hold them accountable for their actions than the company could fall apart. I believe that everyone should look up to Gary McGahey and would want to work with him and meet him. Get connected with Gary McGaghey on