Mark Hauser Private Equity has announced three landmark sales of ophthalmology businesses in the past year. The two transactions, EyeCare Partners and CEI Vision Partners involve the purchase of ophthalmology practice groups. Both companies are privately owned and have been in operation for more than 30 years. They will combine their expertise in the ophthalmology industry to create a streamlined healthcare delivery model.

EyeCare Partners is a national clinically integrated network of optometrists and ophthalmologists. The acquisition will help the combined companies expand their presence in key existing markets and enter new ones. The deals are Hauser’s fourth and fifth investment in the ophthalmology industry. This investment is part of a broader strategy to expand the network in mid-tier markets.

EyeCare Partners is a leading clinically integrated network of ophthalmologists and optometrists. The acquisition will extend the reach of EyeCare Partners to new markets and strengthen its presence in existing markets. The transaction also represents Hauser’s commitment to investing in the middle-market segment, including technology and healthcare services companies. The firm has been active in healthcare companies for more than 25 years and has invested more than $75 million.

Mark Hauser’s recent investments in the medical sector include co-investments in Cincinnati-based OrthoAlliance and Tampa-based DataLink. Additionally, he has made several other notable investments with various companies in the health care and technology industries. These companies are all part of the Hauser Private Equity portfolio. Its investments in healthcare companies have been a primary focus of the firm for more than a quarter-century and have reached more than $75 million in value.

In addition to the EyeCare Partners acquisition, Mark Hauser has made several other investments in the ophthalmology and optometry industry. His portfolio includes EyeCare Partners and CEI Vision Partners, which operates eight ambulatory surgical centers and 47 clinics in the United States. The company has been active in the ophthalmology sector for more than 25 years, and is a leader in ophthalmology investment.

In the medical field, Hauser has also made several investments. He has co-invested in Cincinnati-based EyeCare Partners and the Tampa-based Datalink. Both companies have expanded their reach in their current markets, and the acquisition will help EyeCare Partners achieve its growth objectives. Moreover, the deal will enable Mark Hauser to build a broader portfolio of Ophthalmology practices.

In Cincinnati, Ohio-based Eyecare Partners recently announced a landmark acquisition of Cincinnati-based CEI Vision Partners. The deal, which will add 280 ophthalmologists, is expected to increase the firm’s size and reach. However, the new owners intend to retain the names of ophthalmologists as well. This is a sign that the private equity investor Mark Hauser group believes in the business, and that he is confident in the future of Cincinnati-based eye care.